5.3 interrupt storm (atapicam) and I/O error

Daniel S. Haischt me at daniel.stefan.haischt.name
Fri Jan 28 05:41:41 PST 2005

oops, did forget the tixt file ...

Daniel S. Haischt schrieb:
> I don't know whether this is related to your issue,
> but on one of my boxes I am also getting an interrupt
> storm with atapicam enabled.
> On FreeBSD 5.2.1 I did not experience any interrupt
> storm issues, even if using the same hardware configuration.
> Have a look at the attached text file for a detailed
> description ...
> Olivier Certner schrieb:
>>  Hi,
>>  Could you give a look at my post dated 04/01/2005 entitled "Freeze 
>> with CAM (using KsCD)"? Maybe we have fallen on the same kind of bug 
>> concerning atapicam.
>>  If you have KDE, maybe you should try to reproduce the problem I had. 
>> I've no time to test your scenario (the one with the EIDE drive, I 
>> don't have SCSI) now, but I'll try to reproduce it at the beginning of 
>> next week, in order to see if the freeze happens also on my computer.
>>  Hope this will help us to progress on our issues.
>>  Regards,
>>   Olivier
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recently I updated one of my FreeBSD boxes to
v 5.3. This box got a builtin Promise PDC20269
UDMA133 controller. Actually it's a controller
with two IDE channels.

So far if using the GENERIC kernel that comes
with FreeBSD, I do not experience any problems.

If using my own customized kernel I am getting
the following error message while booting the

Interrupt storm detected on "irq10: atapci1";
throtteling interrupt source:

After some trail-and-error based investigations,
I did figure out that if I don't plugin any device
into IDE channel two, the just described error
does not occur.

So it has something to do with IDE channel two.

As an additional note - The controller works
under Linux, FreeBSD 5.3 (GENERIC) and FreeBSD
5.2.1 (custom kernel).

Any hints on how to solve this issue would be
greatly appreciated. 

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