commercial OSS drivers

Jorn Argelo jorn at
Fri Jan 28 02:22:54 PST 2005

On Fri, 28 Jan 2005 07:18:43 +0100, Gert Cuykens wrote
> Does free bsd use this drivers ?
> Anyway they give you surround 5.1 and spdif / AC3, they are free for
> home use but they told me they can not give me support using them.
> Who of you is using them and can tell me how they work ?

I just installed them yesterday. It works quite easy, though you have to make 
sure you unload your kernel module, or strip your kernel. Follow the installer 
and it works like a charm.

The unregistered version required an reinstall every 4 months, but that's not 
too bad. And you get some screen when you boot the unregistered version. It's 
rather annoying since increases boot time.


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