RAID1, a failed disk and performance

Christian Hiris 4711 at
Thu Jan 27 13:57:17 PST 2005

On Thursday 27 January 2005 21:14:21, Chad Morland wrote:
> What happens in terms of performance when a drive in a RAID1 system
> fails? Will disk access be slower because it attempts to read/write to
> a failed disk or will performance be faster because it doesn't need to
> do half the work it usually does? I couldn't really find any online
> resources that deal with performance levels when there are failed
> drives present in a RAID array.

If you are interested in gmirror software-raid performance, I put some bonnie 
benchmark data online. I run the benchmark on a cheap none-raid 
Promise-Ultra-133-TX2 aka PDC20269, which costs about 25 Euros:


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