Bittorrent secure?

Hanspeter Roth hampi at
Thu Jan 27 13:41:16 PST 2005

  On Jan 25 at 16:58, Chuck Swiger spoke:

> Hanspeter Roth wrote:
> >  On Jan 25 at 14:48, Chuck Swiger spoke:
> >>You need to have an external source of information which specifies a 
> >>checksum or MD5 hash to confirm that the file has not been tampered with. 
> >
> >That to say I should download CHECKSUM.MD5 from one of the public
> >FTP-servers by hand and do the MD5 checks myself, right?
> Yes indeed, or use the files in a context like the ports tree, which does 
> this sort of checking for you.

Ok, I forgot to mention that I thought of the ISO images of
4.11-RELEASE (or ISO images of future releases).
This has probably noting to do with the ports tree.
So the CHECKSUM.MD5 file from an FTP-server is still required.


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