Script to merge mailinglist archives

Mikko Heiskanen mikko at
Thu Jan 27 03:06:54 PST 2005

Hi list.

I've found archives of freebsd-questions mailinglist very useful.
But I have found them difficult to search, as in one month there can be
many archives, not just one per month.
So I would like to merge all archives of the same month into a single
mailbox containing all messages sent that month (I am aware this file
could come quite large).
I have a feeling this can be a simple shellscript/one-liner with some
awk magic, but I am having hard time figuring out how to tackle the
problem. I should somehow be able to compare a list of files which match
the month, and cat >> results to a file whose filename comes that
matched months last 2 digits of year+ 2 digits of month. And this for
all the files in a directory containing, say, archives from 1998 ->
2005. Easy?


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