simple serial loopback

Florian Hengstberger e0025265 at
Thu Jan 27 01:00:46 PST 2005

Hi list!
I'm currently trying to setup my box for simple data transfer
to a microcontroller via the serial interface.
Therefore I've wired a nullmodem cable and as a first test
I was trying to connect from cuaa0 to cuaa1 simply by

xterm1: cat /dev/cuaa0

xterm2: echo "Something" > /dev/cuaa1

Unfortunatly cat exits with 0 after the first echo although it
displays the message correct,
so I have to "cat /dev/cuaa0" everytime I send something.
Why is this?

Is there a better way to keep track of the ascii-chars sent
over a serial connection?
Kermit and minicom seem to be some sort of monster for
real serial connection (initialisation ...) which is a bit to much
for me.
In the end I just wan't to see the chars sent over the cabel
and wan't to reply to them by typing on the keyboard, that's it!

Thanks in advance

PS: Maybe a simple shell/perl script can help, should I focus on that?

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Florian Hengstberger
e0025265 at

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