mDNS, daapd iTunes etc

Thomas Foster tbonius at
Thu Jan 27 00:35:30 PST 2005

This usually indicates that the mp3s have no id3 tag information.. though 
there are many tools available for download that allow you to put this 
information for each song, it can be tedious.  Any suggestions out there for 
id3 tag tools?


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> OK, I got it working. Sort of. With some offline help from Thomas Foster 
> (with Thanks).
> I deinstalled and reinstalled mDNSResponder.
> That port now puts a file in /usr/local/etc/rc.d which starts 
> mdnsd -- whatever that is.
> I created a new file which contains the script 
> from I set up everything else as 
> detailed there.
> I rebooted.
> And I am able to see the server from iTunes on my mac.
> However, most of the songs have neither artist or any other tag and the 
> time field says Continuous.
> How do I fix that?
> And does anyone know what all these versions of mdns are?
> Alan

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