How come uunlnk flag doesn't permit me to check out a file from it???

Mark Jayson Alvarez jay2xra at
Wed Jan 26 18:27:03 PST 2005

Good day!
  I've been editing our mrtg configuration files using
the Revision Control System.
To edit the file, I've always check it out first and
then check it back in with a
'-u' option to leave a copy of the config file so that
the mrtg can always find the file 
when it needs it.Recently, I've decided to change the
flag of the RCS file(the one with the same
name as the config file but ends with a ",v" found
inside the RCS folder I've created
to "uunlnk" for the purpose of avoiding accidental
deletion and thus keeping a copy
always available in case I have accidentally deleted
the config file that is being 
extracted from it.

#cd RCS
#ls -lo *
#-r--r--r--  1 root  wheel  uunlnk  7004 Jan 27 10:06


1. When I "co -l" the config file, I got a warning

co: RCS/vis-inanna.conf,v: Operation not permitted
co: saved in RCS/,vis-inanna.conf,

Why??? I mean, on a normal check out operations, 'co
-l' always leave the RCS file
(vis-inanna.conf,v) inside the RCS folder. How come
check out won't work when uunlnk
just says "never delete the file" I didn't delete the
file. I just extracted a file
(just a copy)from vis-inanna.conf,v which happens to
be the config file I'm after, vis-inanna.conf
After that warning, another RCS file was created with
the same flag uunlnk inside the 
RCS folder but starts with "," So now when I:
#ls RCS
,vis-inanna.conf,       vis-inanna.conf,v 
Any idea why is this happening?


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