Authentication with ldap very slow

Dick Davies rasputnik at
Wed Jan 26 15:28:06 PST 2005

* Albert Shih <shih at> [0105 22:05]:
> Hi 
> I've a server (FreeBSD 5.3-p5) to use a openldap for authentication.
> Everthing work fine's very slow when some operation need to known
> the id <--> uid. For example if I try to execute some
> 	cd /home
> 	ls -l *
> It's very very slow.
> On a linux server authenticate with same openldap server I can use nscd for
> caching. But I don't find something like nscd for FreeBSD. Mayby I's wrong
> (I hope so).

You shouldn't need that. LDAP is designed to be very fast.
First thing I'd look at is the LDAP server - are general searches slow?
Are you on a dialup or something?

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