FreeBSD 5.3 file system troubles

Nick Pavlica linicks at
Wed Jan 26 11:36:14 PST 2005

I have been testing 5.3 (Standard Install/Default settings) and
haven't had any file system corruption.  However, the I/O performance
results from my testing currently show that there is a major
difference between 4.11 and 5.3 (4.11 is much faster!).  I have a
suspicion that these issues may be related to some core issues with
5.3 that need to cleared up.

On Wed, 26 Jan 2005 05:50:02 -0700 (MST), Terry R. Friedrichsen
<terry at> wrote:
> Is anybody besides *me* having file system corruption problems with FreeBSD
> 5.3?  I've looked around on several of the mailing lists and found no men-
> tion of this.
> I have two different platforms on which I'm trying to run FreeBSD 5.3.  One
> is an x86 SMP system (dual AMD Athlon 1900+) and the other is an Alpha DS-10.
> On the SMP system, doing anything I/O intensive (like a kernel build) quickly
> corrupts the file system - I start to encounter problems like being unable to
> remove entire directory trees because the system thinks that empty directories
> are not *really* empty and therefore cannot be deleted.  Other problems occur,
> too.
> On the Alpha system, I'm trying to get Xorg to work, with no success.  What
> normally happens is that the system locks up *totally* either when trying to
> configure X or when running the X server after configure generates a config
> file (I'm trying multiple versions of Xorg).
> The lockup means that I have to power-cycle the system to reboot.  When I do
> this, the filesystem is *always* horribly damaged.  I finally gave up when I
> couldn't even get into "sh" in single-abuser mode because /libexec/
> was no longer there ...
> What I'm going to try next is pulling one CPU out of the SMP system to see if
> that helps.  On the Alpha, I'm just going to give up on Xorg for a while.
> I'd hate to have to drop back to 4.10 or 4.11 ...
> If anyone has any suggestions, or even just sympathetic words, I'd be happy
> to hear them!
> Thanks.
> Terry R. Friedrichsen
> terry at
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