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Carleton Vaughn keebler at mindspring.com
Tue Jan 25 21:17:45 PST 2005

Joshua Tinnin wrote:
> On Monday 24 January 2005 10:07 pm, Jason Henson <jason at ec.rr.com> 
> wrote:
>>On 01/24/05 20:10:35, Brian John wrote:
>>>I would like some advice on which Bittorrent client to use.  I
>>>really like Azureus, but I always get OutOfMemoryException's and it
>>>takes up like 300 MB of memory sometimes.  Is there a more
>>>lightweight client that has the main features of Azureus
>>>(priorities, auto-resuming)? What does everyone on this list use?
>> py24-BitTorrent-devel-3.9.0_4,1  Is what I have.  seems to work fine
>>for me.
> I highly recommend ctorrent, a client written entirely in C. It's very 
> fast, small and efficient. It's quite basic - you have to run a 
> separate process for each torrent - but you can call it from something 
> else to further customize it. It doesn't do priorities as such (not 
> exactly - you can set max, min peers, rate, etc., for each torrent) or 
> auto-resume, but this could be set fairly easily by writing it into a 
> script. The best thing is that it just works, and as efficiently as 
> possible.
I also use ctorrent, but I had a couple of problems with it:  First, like you 
said, it wants separate processes for each torrent.  Easily solved using 
screen (which I rebuild from the port as the binary kept trying to eat 99.1% 
of my CPU time).  Second, the default set of listen ports (2106 to 2706) seems 
not to match those of anybody else, which meant that every tracker I went to 
designated me a leech and my downloads positively crawled.  I went into the 
source and changed the port range to the more universally accepted 6881 to 
6999 and everything runs very well now.

This does raise a question, though---what is the best way to modify a port to 
suit your own needs?  Can it be done through ports itself, or does one need to 
do what I did and copy the source elsewhere, modify it and install it from there?
Carleton Vaughn
College Park, Georgia, USA

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