kernel info question

Andrew L. Gould algould at
Tue Jan 25 17:08:52 PST 2005

On Tuesday 25 January 2005 05:32 pm, Giorgos Keramidas wrote:
> On 2005-01-25 17:15, "Andrew L. Gould" <algould at> wrote:
> > I'm selecting CPU types in the kernel configuration file, which
> > lists only i386, i486, i586 and i686.
> AFAIK, and I may be a bit wrong here, if you don't really expect to
> move disks around and actually run this kernel on a 486-class
> machine, leaving both i586 and i686 won't do any harm.

Under normal circumstances, I believe you're correct.  In fact the 
GENERIC kernel has all 4 CPU options un-commented.

This machine is old and fussy; so I'm trying to trim where I can.  
Efforts to install Win98SE, and 3 distros of Linux ended in failure.  
FreeBSD 5.3 is recompiling as we speak.  Getting apm to work may be 
interesting.  It's time the kids learned OpenOffice and gnumeric, 
anyway.  (I wish gnumeric was cross-platform.)

Have a great night...or day, or whatever!

Andrew Gould

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