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Jerry McAllister jerrymc at
Tue Jan 25 16:53:36 PST 2005

> > Let me get this straight.  You're not a developer, so you don't know
> > languages or how to code.  Yet you're completely convinced that perl is
> > insecure and should never be used anywhere, and you're equally convinced
> > that no developer should be using it for their programs.
> > 
> > Is that about right?
> No i dont know anything about c++ or perl, ok i know what a class is :P
> For me is not realy about perl it self its about the way it get used
> as a tool to help build things. For me freebsd is build as a base that
> can handle everything designed for it. If application need something
> to help it build, it should belong to the base and not to a external
> perl tool.

So, then the only acceptable way to develop something for FreeBSD
is to hand toggle in machine code??

I really think the developer should have a good set of tools at
hand that enable creation of a quality product.   Perl is very
good for certain types of scripting and leads to something actually
getting developed rather than just thought about forever.

Actually, although I have read the rational for removing Perl from
the base, I am rather sorry to see it go.   Now, I will have to
add one more port at every install, kind of a big one too.  We use
Perl quite a bit here.

> So if want to (install) buy a car and go to the (ports) shop i dont
> expect to bring my (perl) wrench to the (ports) shop .

No, you expect a competent shop to have the tool and know
how to use it.  Otherwise you wouldn't take your car there.


> > Bad analogy.  A better one would go something like this.  When you buy a
> > new television, you expect that the manufacturer used the best and most
> > efficient techniques to build it.  Yet, without any knowledge of why the
> > manufacturer used those techniques, you think he was wrong to use them and
> > he should change.
> > 
> > What's wrong with this picture?
> nothing wrong with that, like i said i am only asking questions.
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