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Tue Jan 25 15:19:51 PST 2005

Gert Cuykens wrote:

> I want a freebsd with cvsup x11 and a gnome-lite desktop. Its what i
> like about freebsd filosofie you have a house and you can chose your
> own freebsd port furniture. For me perl is a closet that i dont want
> because it doesnt go well with my php painting and my apache carpet.

If you're nice about it, there's no real harm in asking questions of 
developers whose products use Perl, but since and earlier part of 
the thread cited security concerns, consider what's found at:

first type in Perl, get one page of hits since 1998
then type in PHP, get one page of hits since *December*  <wince>

The Perl hits are largely dumb things people did with Perl, not Perl 
itself. PHP certainly has a few of those (dumb things people did), 
but also quite a few that are inherent flaws of PHP.

Perl is called "the duct tape of the Internet". It does far more 
support work than you probably suspect, and has a pretty good track 
record as such things go. Recommend you learn a lot more about "the 
robot arm" before asking for its removal. ;-)

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