Help with Allocating Disk Space

Jerry McAllister jerrymc at
Tue Jan 25 13:59:48 PST 2005

> I was wondering if anyone could help me allocating a
> 1.5 gig hard drive. I worked on it a little bite, and
> came up with 150MB for /, 134MB for swap, 150MB for
> /var, 175MB for /tmp, and the rest goes to /usr. 

Well, if it works it is good.
Nowdays, 1.5 GB is pretty tight for anything but a slimmed down system.

>  I
> would like to optamize this a little more. I want to
> run KDE on the hard drive. Any help with this would
> greatly be appreceated, because I am installing it on
> an old Thinkpad (380D (( PI 175 Mghz)).

This might be a situation where putting everything but swap in
the root partition would be a reasonable idea.    It would be 
difficult to know in advance where stuff will fit.  KDE is kind
of big and you will need X for it too.


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