vesa,/i810, Dell gx270 and Intel 82865G Graphics

Tabor Kelly tkelly-freebsd-questions at
Tue Jan 25 11:44:00 PST 2005

Damian Sobieralski wrote:
>  I extracted the 865patch and ran it before firing up X (865patch 32768
> nocheck) and I am currently typing this in 16 bit color mode at
> 1024x768.  Thanks for all those who emailed me with help.  
> I love the FreeBSD community!

Out of curiosity, what version of Xorg are you using? I have an i810 and 
it works fine with Xorg 6.8.1. Note: I know mine is one of the affected 
i840 cards.


Tabor Kelly
tkelly-freebsd-questions at

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