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Tue Jan 25 09:38:40 PST 2005

On Tue, Jan 25, 2005 at 03:45:22PM +0000, ZaiD Dashti wrote:
> hello
> i have a problem with my DNS server.
> first, i have a registered domain name and i want to change its NS server 
> to my server to host it in my home (just for learning about DNS)

If you have a domain, you must setup at least two different DNS
servers. Both must be on physically different networks. Are you
sure that the domain is set up properly? I could dig from here,
but since you didn't specify the domain...

> second (the problem), when i use nslookup from another computers in my 
> local network, the dns
> server works fine, but when external connection (internet connection, let 
> say my friend connection) tryies to use my dns server, i got error message 
> "DNS request timed out", why ? and how to solve it ?

How long since you redirected the nameserver records from your
registrar account? It can take up to 72 hours for the changes to
propagate, depending on the TLD. Some TLD propagate changes much
faster now, but it can still takes many hours all DNS caches to
expire old stuff.

> NOTE: i have an ADSL account, which mean i'm using a router to connect to 
> the internet, and i'm redirection all ports from the external connections 
> to my machine ip, so that i'm able to open a server or to connect to my 
> machine from anywhere.

Running a DNS server from an ADSL link is not recommended.

Are you sure that your ISP is not blocking port 53 to your
fixed address? And are you sure that your DNS server is actually
listening on the public interface at all (if you have a multi-homed
host) a.k.a does sockstat -46l show something like *:53?

> thanks


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