"Persistent" kernel module?

Tim Buck tbuck at rrinc.com
Tue Jan 25 07:45:34 PST 2005

Is there a way to make a kernel module "persistent" between kernel
builds? I'm using a HighPoint SATA RAID controller on FreeBSD 5.3.
HighPoint provides a driver for this controller in the form of a
kernel module (hpt374.ko). Their instructions say to put the module
in /boot/kernel, and add 'hpt374_load="YES"' to the file

This works, but when I build a new kernel the /boot/kernel dir gets
renamed and recreated, and the hpt374.ko module doesn't get copied
to the new dir. I have to copy it manually each time I build the

So is there a way to make the kernel build process know about third
party kernel modules and copy it over to the new /boot/kernel

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