Image viewer/Slideshow solution.

Joachim Dagerot jd at
Tue Jan 25 01:59:18 PST 2005

I'm running freeBSD on a laptop. The laptop is about to become a striped view-image-only box, ie a Digital Frame.

I have my pictures organised with Adobe Photoshop album, and I would like to keep it that way, so now I need to either:

a) Find a freeBSD image software that understands the Adobe Photoshop Album database format.
b) automatically export  on set of paths from the Adobe Photoshop Album database.

I also need to find picture viewer / slideshow that can take command line argument with either a textfile containing image paths, or a folder to show images from.

It would also be VERY cool if I can command "next" and "prev" image via the network. I have my RC reciever on another box so this new Digital Frame will have no other inputs than the power and the network.


1. Is anyone aware of a freeBSD product that understands Adobe Photoshop album?
2. Can someone recommend an image viewer software that has rather advanced system-call availabilty, like the mplayer for instance.

Thanks in advance.

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