mail-reader & M$ exchange

v.demartino2 at v.demartino2 at
Tue Jan 25 01:10:15 PST 2005

Server postgresql on Pentium 3 with FreeBSD 5.3; the server is connected
to a big win 2k LAN on which there's also an exchange 2003 server.

I administer the pgsql server from my office winXP box (compulsory use,
I must saddenly admit) via a PUTTY window. Outlook is the official mail

1) I want to read the mail on the server in /var/mail to root and to the
users. What console email reader should I compile (to be used under a PUTTY
window, I mean)?

2) Is there any chance to have the same mail sent to my official email address
in the exchange server so that I can read it from outlook? How

Please straightforward, step by step explanation for I'm an absolute FreeBSD


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