Reparing FreeBSD ports tree.

Christian Tischler mail at
Tue Jan 25 00:58:40 PST 2005

Hi everyone.
My primary question is how to repair a broken ports tree. I did a 
portupgrade to CVS FreeBSD 4.9 RELEASE, and now my ports tree ist all 
screwed up. There are tons of wrong/failed/whatever dependencies and 
some ports wont  work.
How can I repair this problem without an complete reinstall of the 
system? I have a lot of services running for my local net and a huge 
amount of configurations.
For exsample when I do /usr/ports/make index I get:
# make index
Generating INDEX - please wait..apsfilter-7.2.5_5: 
"/usr/ports/print/acroread5" non-existent -- dependency list incomplete
===> print/apsfilter failed
*** Error code 1
1 error
The second question is who to reinstall e.g. apache without uninstalling 
all the stuff that depends on it? e.g. When I did the portupgrade I 
obviously did something wrong, and now the xml module is missing, which 
is needed by some of my web aps.

I would be very glad if someone could point me out the nessesary steps 
to clear this mess.

I really thought about an complete reinstallation of the system, but 
everytime I install a new system I rn into dependency problems with the 
ports collection, as one app requires a version of an tool, but another 
dependence stops me from reinstalling the newer version. Is there an 
general guideline to prevent this?

thx a lot in advance


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