FreeBSD 5.3 on Compaq ProLiant 1500

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Mon Jan 24 21:40:37 PST 2005

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> Subject: FreeBSD 5.3 on Compaq ProLiant 1500
> I have an old Compaq ProLiant 1500 that I would like to install FreeBSD
> on, but the installation process freezes while attempting to load the
> installation. The following is the line(s) on which FreeBSD hangs:
> device_attach: ida0 attach returned 12
> eisab0: <PCI-EISA bridge> at device 15.0 on pci0
> *note, this is using the selection: 1. Boot FreeBSD (default)
> all the information I have on the server's hardware is as follows:
> 1) 2 pentium processors at 166Mhz
> 2) 5 ultra wide SCSI drives in raid 5 configuration. One drive is a
> logical drive.
> 3) one CD drive, it is not IDE, but I am not quite sure what else it
> could be.
> This is all the information I have to work with. Any help would be
> appreciated very much.

Hi Jeremy,

  The Compaq Smart Array driver (ida) has had a problem with EISA
ever since it was introduced into FreeBSD.  I've written the developer
offered to ship him a system, he requested I set up a system and let him
remotely access it.  Unfortunately I never got the time to do so.  If you
have a spare ide drive, set it up and put a skeleton FreeBSD system on
ide drive, put it on the Internet so it can be reached, then contact the
ida driver
and I'm sure he will get it running for you.

  It would be nice to get this running.  In the meantime I use mine to
Solaris 2.5.1 x86.


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