sshd port number ?

Hexren me at
Mon Jan 24 13:43:09 PST 2005

D> On Mon, 24 Jan 2005 22:10:23 +0100, Hexren <me at> wrote:
>> If ssh ever goes down, a user could start his own compromised
>> version of ssh and do some nasty stuff. The same user could not do
>> that if the connecting side would expect sshd to be on a privileged
>> port because the system ensures that only procs running with superuser
>> privileges can bind to a privileged port.

D> At the OS level (not the SSHD config for example), where can one
D> configure what proc is assigned to what privileged port?

D> I just did some quick searching, but does this documentation exist on
D> the FreeBSD site?

D> Thank you,

D> ...D



But that is only a database. The system does not enforce what binds to
what port. If the superuser does want <something> to bind to <port> the
systems standpoint in that is: Root is right.


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