keeping 5.1 install up to date?

Danny MacMillan flowers at
Mon Jan 24 08:37:06 PST 2005

On Mon, Jan 24, 2005 at 08:21:35AM -0500, aklist_061666 wrote:
> I'm moving this to -questions@ ...
> >Assuming you have an internet connection, the simplest way to install
> >CVSUp is (line 2 may wrap):
> >
> >1. su
> >2. pkg_add 
> >
> OK, great...that's what I wanted to know...I was just starting from the 
> cvsup page and the original method (compiling it from source) was all they 
> proposed.
> >I know you say you're running 5.1.  The 5.1 packages are no longer
> >maintained, at least on the master site.  The above works for me,
> >though I'm using 5.2.1-RELEASE on this machine, and I think it will
> >work for you, too.  You don't need to install Modula-3 to install or
> >run CVSUp, only to build it.
> Does it make more sense, then, to upgrade to 5.2.1 first? All this machine 
> is doing is running BIND 9.2.3.

Probably not, as 5.2.1 is also out of date.  I was just pointing out
that even though the package is for 5.3, as you can see in the URL, it
works on a 5.2.1 system and by extension probably works on a 5.1
system.  If you were to upgrade your system, you should upgrade to 5.3.
However, I believe that I've read something on here stating that there
are nonstandard gotchas in the upgrade from 5.1 to 5.3 that may make
doing a clean install your best option.  In your place, I would install
5.3 from scratch and proceed from there, as 5.1 is neither production
quality nor very well supported.  If you have difficulties in the
future the first advice you are likely to get is, "upgrade to a
supported version".

> >If you want to build from source but don't want to use the ports tree,
> >you are not a newbie :)
> yeah, right! Not this week!
> Thanks Danny 

No problem.


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