Transparent Proxy going astray

L.Norvydas norvydas at
Mon Jan 24 02:41:07 PST 2005

Hello, Paul,

I saw your message in freebsd-questions forum about transparent proxy. Right
now I'm facing the same problem: gateway with ipfw/natd and squid proxy on
different machine. Maybe you have solved this problem? Everywhere I look, I
see the same questions I'm asking, i.e. "has anyone successfuly configured
gateway and proxy, working on different machines?" :)

I have FreeBSD-4.10 with ipfw/natd working with quite complex ruleset and
other box with squid. When I install squid on the gateway machine and make
"fwd GW_LOOPBACK,3128 tcp from MY_TEST_PC to any 80" then this squid works
just fine. But when I try to forward to other, not gateway machine, i.e.
"fwd OTHER_BOX_WITH_SQUID,3128 tcp from MY_TEST_PC to any 80", then it isn't
working... I see packets maching fwd rule (counter increases), but no
traffic reaches squid machine.

I have wandered through lots of forums and mailing lists, but haven't found
solution until now. Thought maybe you have successfuly coped with this and
maybe you can help or advice something?

Lawrence, network / systems administrator

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