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Paul A. Hoadley paulh at
Mon Jan 24 02:15:13 PST 2005


Firstly, thanks for the comprehensive reply.

On Fri, Jan 21, 2005 at 04:06:32AM +0100, J65nko BSD wrote:

> It could be that the MS Windows DNS server, which is derived
> from/patterned after named or however you want to call it, suffers
> from a similar defect. Being not familiar with the MS DNS server,
> you could find out whether it it possible to disable IPV6. BIND has
> this option.

Interesting.  I did wonder whether disabling IPv6 in the Windows DNS
server was possible---it was going to be something I looked at, but I
stopped investigating once I found a workaround.

> RE: resolving unqualified hostnames

Thanks for the information and examples.

> RE: and

Thanks for the information.  The problem I originally described, of
course, is unrelated to these nameservers.  I never made it quite
clear enough in my original post, but the trouble I was having was
with an internal view of our domain namespace.  I'll let Chariot know
their nameservers are broken.


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