FreeBSD ACPI shutdown -p fails on my Motherboard

Mark Jayson Alvarez jay2xra at
Sun Jan 23 17:09:18 PST 2005

Good day,

 I have an old Jetway Motherboard(830 CH) together
with AMD Athlon 1.2 Ghz. It's currently running
FreeBSD 5.3. The ACPI is already enabled in BIOS but
whenever I shutdown -p now, the computer doesn't
totally goes off at all, it just reboots itself. I'm
thinking that the APCI interface of FreeBSD with my
particular motherboard is not working very well(it
works well in my office workstation). Do you know any
kernel tweek that can help me get around with this
situation. Because I'm having a hard time turning my
computer back on whenever I presses the power button
during a reboot by Freebsd and I would have to turn
the power on and off for quite some times just to be
able to boot it to normal again. 

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