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On Sun, 2005-01-23 at 23:06, Andras Kende wrote:
> Hello,
> Looks like the spool directories are different in /etc/printcap and
> in smb.conf:
> sd=/var/spool/raw:
> path = /var/spool/samba
> Try to set to the same path, also make sure windows user has
> Enough privileges to write to spool directory...
> Best regards,
> Andras Kende

Appreciate the answer, but to my understanding, the two spool
directories need to be separate. From the samba documentation:

"Successful printing from a Windows client via a Samba print server to a
UNIX printer involves six (potentially seven) stages:
3.Windows sends a copy of the print file over the network into Samba's
spooling area.
5. Samba invokes the print command to hand the file over to the UNIX
print subsystem's spooling area."

I am naturally with admin priviledges on windows side.
I am though almost certain it is some little configuration err.
As always.

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Sorry for the definitely wrong answer... my mistake !!

Here is also a nice samba print howto maybe you can find something:

Best regards,
Andras Kende

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