dhclient problems in 5.3-RELEASE

Erik Norgaard norgaard at locolomo.org
Sun Jan 23 12:32:55 PST 2005

David Gerard wrote:
> This afternoon, I set up a new machine with 5.3-RELEASE. Started with three
> 5.3-beta5 floppies, told it I wanted 5.3-RELEASE from a CD-R, installed
> minimal base, man pages and ports, created two users.
> On reboot, I ran dhclient and it completely failed to get an IP address.
> But I know the cable is good and the DHCP server is working, because I
> booted the box in question into Windows and it grabbed an IP just fine. So
> where do I start on diagnosing what's up with this installation?

Try run dhclient with option "-d" to keep it in the foreground and see 
what errors appear.

Do you have dhclient_enable="YES" in your rc.conf? If a dhclient is 
already running starting a new one has the special feature that the 
existing stops working. The new one sets ip to, then fails 
startup and exits.

Cheers, Erik
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