Demand load of cd9660 filesystem not occurring

Steven Friedrich FreeBSD at
Sun Jan 23 08:20:05 PST 2005

I've been wrestling with mounting CDs as a non-root user and even though I 
performed all the steps in the handbook, it failed.

So I tried to mount a CD as root, and THAT failed.

As it turns out, I had removed CD9660 from my kernel config (a LONG time ago), 
because FreeBSD is supposed to load it on demand if it's not in the kernel.

I added it back to the kernel config and now I can mount CDs as root or 

I believe this to be a bug, but perhaps I have something mis-configured.

Any ideas?  Can anyone confirm this anomaly on their system?

The particular CD is a DesignCAD installation disk, and it's Joliet 3 
extensions.  It's in a TOSHIBA DVD-ROM SD-R5002 drive. I'm tracking FreeBSD 

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