port 445 ?

Daniel S. Haischt me at daniel.stefan.haischt.name
Sun Jan 23 07:11:09 PST 2005

Hummm - A similar question about port 445
was raised recently on this list. I would
at least do not allow incomming connections
*from* the internet and outgoing connections
*to* the internet on port 445.

You can accomplish that using a firewall-router
or one of the firewall software packages that
are distributed together with FreeBSD.

faisal gillani schrieb:
> i use samba on my freebsd server to share files , i
> dont use any active directory connectivity still the
> port "445/tcp    open        microsoft-ds" is open , i
> read is some where that this port should be close as
> it is dangerous to the server , is this true ?
> thanks
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