KDE issues after recent portupgrade

Oliver Leitner Shadow333 at gmx.at
Sat Jan 22 17:35:22 PST 2005

Well, you could either try to debug the applications that dont work, or take 
a look in the UPDATING file again, maybe they have descriptions concerning 
your applications...

you could also try to do a cvsup and then a portupgrade -af and look if it 
goes through and things work afterwards again...

hope that helps you any further...

Oliver Leitner
Technical Staff

On Sunday 23 January 2005 02:29, you wrote:
> From the /usr/ports/UPDATING entry:
> 20040313:
>   AFFECTS: users of textproc/expat2
>   AUTHOR: marcus at FreeBSD.org
>   Users of expat2 (and its many dependencies) should do the following to
>   properly update expat2 and all of its dependencies:
>   portupgrade -rf textproc/expat2
> I did the mentioned portupgrade above and a *lot* of packages were
> reinstalled, among those KDE.  I'm not sure in retrospect that I needed
> to do this as I only installed FreeBSD on this box a couple of months
> ago.  Anyway, since the upgrade Konqueror crashes when started in a
> directory (core dumps) as a file browser, KDE notifications no longer
> work (although sound from Gnome apps *do* work -> I have
> gnome-session-daemon start when I log into KDE) and k3b won't start any
> longer for starters.
> What would be the best way to try an rectify this?  Reinstall kde from
> scratch with a 'portupgrade -rf /usr/ports/X11/kde3' or something else
> entirely?
> All the aforementioned apps were working prior to the portupgrade
> command mentioned in UPDATING.

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