A stupid thing I've done...

Erik Norgaard norgaard at locolomo.org
Sat Jan 22 15:51:37 PST 2005

Gregory Nou wrote:
> I've tried to chroot an user, so i create /home/this_user/usr and the 
> other needed directories, but later, I wanted to delete them (as root of 
> course) and i typed rm -r /usr instead of rm -r usr ...
> It asked me if  i wanted to overwrite su, so i saw my mistake, and 
> cancelled, but i don't have adduser, man, ee and ... make anymore !
> How can I repair that ? can i do something without reinstalling 
> everything ? (I need at least make... and I'm quite reluctant at 
> compiling /usr/src/usr.bin/make ... So i hope there is another way)

Not only do you need make, but also gcc and other utilities. I would 
consider /usr wiped, even if you still have "su". You might find relief 
in /rescue or /stand/sysinstall.

You won't reinstall the whole system creating slices and labes and all 
that, but you will most likely need to reinstall a lot though.

Cheers, Erik
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