Phillip Neumann bob at sofsis.cl
Sat Jan 22 14:15:09 PST 2005


I have problems to understand the way ftpd works.

My goal is to create a ftp account where the user can download and 
upload files, and create directories where they could upload the files.
But they should not remove nor rename any file or directory.


man chmod talks about a sticky  flag.
Ive try that. but:

(ls -la on the server)
drwxr-xr-t   4 usuarioftp  usuarioftp   512 Jan 22 19:01 usuarioftp

<lftp login.../>
lftp usuarioftp at localhost:~> rm test
rm ok, `test' removed

i dont want users to be able to delete any files...


I dont understand permitions...

lftp usuarioftp at localhost:~> ls root-file
-rw-------  1 root        wheel         0 Jan 22 19:12 root-file
lftp usuarioftp at> mv root-file why_can_i_do_this
rename successful

ps aux | grep ftp shows:

usuarioftp 26747  1.0  0.3  1928 1404  ??  Ss    7:14PM   0:00.01 ftpd: user/usuarioftp: LIST\r\n (ftpd)

why can the ftp user rename the root file?
how do i make users be able just to
    1.- create directories
    2.- upload files
    3.- downlaod files

thank you,


Phillip Neumann
phillip at sofsis.cl

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