Fwd: Re: Re[8]: Connection via proxy

Hexren me at hexren.net
Sat Jan 22 14:06:17 PST 2005

MM> I seems that your network is not properbly configured.
MM> Have you verified that the interface you wish to use
MM> is up and has a
MM> valid IP adress. Is the proxy in "your" subnet or do
MM> you need to use a
MM> gateway to reach it ?

MM> Hexren

MM> maybe consider posting your replies under the original
MM> message as that
MM> will make it so much easier to read the full message
MM> ;)
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MM> I have verfied that the interface is up and running
MM> ... but not sre if I connect via a subnet or a
MM> gateway. Total noob to this so I am not sure how I can
MM> verify. The only thing I got in my dorm is an RJ45
MM> socket outlet for connecting to the net.

MM> the subnet mask is and the gateway is

MM> Note: forwarded message attached.

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that is right it is up and running and has no ip address...

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