Cannot connect to printer...

Kevin Kinsey kdk at
Sat Jan 22 11:13:16 PST 2005

Kiffin Gish wrote:

>Like I said, this is just my laptop connected to a printer via the parallel
>Nothing to do with Windows, Samba nor a web server.
>I'll be happy enough if I can get the basics up and running.
>Kiffin Gish
>Gouda, The Netherlands

You might try installing apsfilter to do some of this
work for you.  Last time I did it, it took care of driver
selection and /etc/printcap configuration quite well and
automagically, with a shell "setup" script that only asked a
few questions that needed my input.

It's in ports (/usr/ports/print/apsfilter), and you might
be able to find out it your printer would work with it
at (I'm pretty sure it would....)

It's nice software, IMHO, and who knows, maybe Andreas
doesn't yet have a postcard from your location....

Kevin Kinsey

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