FreeBSD 5.3 I/O Performance / Linux 2.6.10

stheg olloydson stheg_olloydson at
Fri Jan 21 22:13:56 PST 2005

it was said:


>However,  after performing a number of I/O and Postgresql tests on
>different equipment, the performance proved to be considerably faster
>when using Fedora.  Fedora with XFS was the clear performance winner
>in every test, followed by Fedora with EXT3, then FreeBSD.  I was
>surprised to find such a dramatic difference between Fedora with XFS
>and FreeBSD.  In almost every test Fedora(XFS) was  dramatically
>faster performing the exact same operations on the same hardware. 


>Are there any good reasons for such a difference.  Your thoughts are
>--Nick Pavlica


Although your email has all the classic hallmarks of a troll, I will
rise to the bait.
You need to post your hardware and software configs for both OSs, along
with your test methodology to get anything other than the email
equivalent shrug of the shoulders. The software configs need to include
your kernel conf, make.conf, dmesg, etc. and their Linux counterparts.
In the test methodology, include the names of whatever benchmarking
software, if any, that you used. Don't forget the stats that showed the
claimed perfomance difference. Throw in anything else you think that
one would need to reproduce your tests.



P.S. If the "name" in your addy is meant to be phonetically identical
to the name "Linux", it isn't. Linus pronounces it "lee-nooks", where
the oo sound is the same as in smooth, not foot (neutrally-accented
American pronunciation). After living in the States for some time now,
I know Americans say it the same way you apparently do, but as with
most things these days, just because an American says it doesn't make
it true. <That's a joke! Don't you people get all jingoistic or
xenophobic on me. HA! That's another joke! Sorry, but the recent
Coronat^H^H^H^H^H^H^H Inauguration has left me slightly stupified. -My
last joke! Really! I wouldn't want to have Homeland Security think I'm
really anti-American. Besides, I have to go, someone's pounding on the
door. I wonder who it could be at this time of ni

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