courier-imap install from ports *fails*

Juha Saarinen juhasaarinen at
Fri Jan 21 15:48:52 PST 2005

On Fri, 21 Jan 2005 10:24:56 +0100, Colin J. Raven
<colin at> wrote:
> Good morning all,
> In attempting to install courier-imap 4.0.1,1 from ports it unexpectedly
> failed.
> This is after portupgrade attempts from version 3.0.8,1 blew up, so
> after several attempts I gave up and deinstalled it, thinking that
> starting over from scratch might be a better idea.
> configure: error: authlib configuration error - /usr/local/sbin/courierlogger not found
> ===>  Script "configure" failed unexpectedly.
> Please report the problem to oliver at [maintainer] and attach
> the "/usr/ports/mail/courier-imap/work/courier-imap-4.0.1/config.log"
> including
> the output of the failure of your make command. Also, it might be a good
> idea to provide an overview of all packages installed on your system
> (e.g. an `ls /var/db/pkg`).
> *** Error code 1
> Clearly there are instructions there as to the next action to take, but
> has anyone else experienced this *and* perhaps knows how to fix the
> issue? (worth a try methinks)

Courier and the related Courier-IMAP package underwent some major
changes with the new revisions (see UPDATING). Portupgrading from the
older version broke my installation. Deleting the older packages and
installing the new ones, starting with courier-authlib, got things
going again.



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