Mrs. Butterworth vs Vermont Maid

Boris Spirialitious boris_spirial at
Fri Jan 21 10:35:53 PST 2005

Colin Raven vomits:

>I have nothing but *stellar* regard for the individuals who take such 
>immense time and effort to help others on this list. I feel privileged 
>to belong to this community, and grateful for a huge amount of guidance 
>advice and help I've received here. I wouldn't have a working OS 
<the tireless good humored and plain 'ol kind help I've gotten here. I'm 
>also wildly enthusiastic about this incredible OS. I can't say enough 
>good things about it. Simply put, it's the best (for what I utilize it 
>for anyways!!)

You are what we call wimp in Russia. Does your woman beat you also?

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