workaround: Re: 'nat pass' not working in PF

Andrew L. Gould algould at
Fri Jan 21 07:41:01 PST 2005

On Friday 21 January 2005 08:20 am, Andrew L. Gould wrote:
> I'm running pf in FreeBSD 5.3 on my laptop.  The filters for the
> local box work fine.
> I'm also working on a pc for a friend; but ran out of ethernet ports
> in my router.  This pc doesn't have a wireless adapter; so I adjusted
> my pf rules to use my laptop as a gateway for the pc.
> I want my filters to remain intact for the laptop; but I want nat to
> let all the pc's traffic through.  (It has it's own firewall.)
> According the OpenBSD pf tutorial, adding the word 'pass' after 'nat'
> in the nat command will allow nat traffic to bypass the filter rules.
> Unfortunately, this doesn't seem to work.
> If my default 'block log all' rule is left uncommented, I can only
> ping ip addresses (not host names that require nameservers).  No
> other activity passes through.  If I comment it out, all traffic
> passes; but my laptop is left unprotected.
> Any advice?
> The relevant lines from my pf rules follow:
> ifdev = "ath0"
> natdev = "fxp0"
> scrub in all no-df
> nat pass on $ifdev from $natdev:network to any -> $ifdev
> icmp_types = "echoreq"
> block log all
> #other filtering rules follow
> Thanks,
> Andrew Gould

I added a 'pass in' rule for $natdev; and it seems to work.  Although, I 
dislike it because it's one more line to remember to comment-out when 
I'm not nat-ing.


Andrew Gould

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