Ethernet bridge/tunneling with tap/tun

Andreas Davour ante at Update.UU.SE
Fri Jan 21 04:32:09 PST 2005

I've been reading the handbook, the man pages and been trying to do some 
inventive maneuvers. I don't work.

So, I have the bridge module loaded, I have the if_tap module loaded. I 
have "activated" the tap/tun device with 'cat /dev/tap0 |tun0'.

How do I set up the bridge? I've read the manpage for ifconfig and 
tried a few times to bridge from my rl0 interface to some of the tap/tun 
devices. I get some different error messages, but mostly it complains 
that I use the wrong arguments.

I think I have misunderstood how these ethernet bridges work.

Are there anyone out there that have a webpage, or some other 
documentation of a working example of ethernet tunneling? Google finds 
me some linux stuff I don't find applicable.

The big idea with all this is to get my simulated VAX to bridge its
interface to my physical rl0 via tap0. But how?

If nobody have any documentation to suggest, then I guess I'll have to 
do a step by step example of what goes wrong and hope someone can debug 

Thankful for any pointers in the correct direction.


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