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Huynh Van Chung hvcjapan at
Fri Jan 21 01:44:37 PST 2005

Hi Nguyen Le Hinh. 

What brower you are using now? 

I use mozilla and i can't hear too. In mplayer_plugin it get no thing, and in plugger it get error message below.

Plugger: No appropriate application for type text/html found!

In that page's source code, I see this code. 
<object name='hat' width=300 height=70><embed  type='application/x-mplayer2' pluginspage='' controls='controlpanel' width=300 height=70 src='index.php?act=listen&id=625&ntaz=EEZXHANETW' autostart='true' showstatusbar='true' ShowControls='true' loop='false' name='hat'></embed> </object>

It should have the real wmv file in src tag, just a think.

PS: I run on  FreeBSD5.3-p5(i386) with mozilla 1.7.2 and newest cvsup mplayer, plugins. 

On Fri, 21 Jan 2005 14:53:26 +0900
Nguyen Le Hinh <nguyenlehinh at> wrote:

>  Hi alls,
>   Can anyone hear the  online streaming music from this website:
>  I installed both mplayer plugin and plugger but still not be able to
> hear it.Any ideas for it?
> Thanks,
> Ps :The above address will be ok with windows...
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