Strange problem with DSL modem.

Michael C. Shultz reso3w83 at
Thu Jan 20 22:44:22 PST 2005

On Thursday 20 January 2005 09:31 pm, Jason Osgerby wrote:
> Hello all,
> I am hoping someone on this list can help me out with a very
> frustrating issue I am having. I dual boot one of my machines (a Dell
> Dimension 2400) with Windows XP Pro, and connect to the Internet via
> an Actiontec GT701-WG DSL modem with an inbuilt wireless gateway.
> Now, under Windows XP, I can access the Internet just fine, and do
> anything that I need to do. Of course, Windows XP is a slow, buggy
> memory hog, and I simply hate using it.
> So, I decided to install FreeBSD 5.3 on a separate partition. After
> performing a basic system install from CD, I wanted to add several
> items from the ports collection, such as Fluxbox-devel, XMMS,
> MPlayer, Firefox, ROX-filer, and all the other good stuff that I like
> to use. So, I started running the "make install" for Fluxbox, and it
> gave the usual message about not being able to find the source in my
> local ports directory, and then gave the normal blurb about fetching
> it from
> The problem is that it is totally unable to download anything at all.
> All of the fetch requests to any of these remote servers just time
> out after hanging there for about a minute or so. I re-checked that I
> had configured the DHCP connection correctly, and no problems there
> at all. So, I did a simple ping of to make sure that I had
> a working Internet connection, and the ping responses returned in a
> timely fashion as usual. Yet still, the "make install" command just
> freezes up when attempting to download anything.
> Obviously, I wrote an email to Actiontec support immediately, asking
> for assistance. They responded to say that they don't support
> FreeBSD. After a couple of minutes of cursing, I decided the best
> thing to do would be to ask you all about this problem. Anyone have
> any idea what is going on here, and if there is anyway I can fix
> this? I am totally at a loss.
> Thanks!
> Jason.

You should post exactly what is on the screen when make install fails.  
Is it failing to fetch from an ftp site or a http for example? If its 
an ftp site maybe you are blocking passice ftp with a firewall, anyways 
you should provide copies of whatever info you have.


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