[INFO]Nvidia Driver information

Rod Person personrp at hotpop.com
Thu Jan 20 12:53:26 PST 2005

For the people with nvidia graphic cards some information on somethings that I 
have noticed.

I have a Elsa Gloria II which is based on the RIVA/TNT II chip set by Nvidia. 
The Nvidia driver works fine for me except in the following conditions.

1) I had a PCI usb card that I placed in the machine. The card has a OPTi chip 
set. For some reason this cause the Nvidia driver to lock up the machine. 
When I swithced to the Xorg driver no lock ups. I removed the card and 
switched back to the Nvidia driver and everything was fine.

2) This one I have found no work around or even have a clue as to why it does 
it, but if I use the line In on my sound card to transfer music from tape to 
cd it locks up. I don't even need to try anything other that pluging in the 
line in?? My machine is an HP Visualize X-Class PIII with  sound on board. I 
use the css driver, I believe that is Crystal.

I'm just passing this along in that it my help some one figure out why the 
driver works for some and not for others.


"If you stay the same long enough you'll be in 
 style some day again."  Cren Dog 

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