Erik Norgaard norgaard at
Thu Jan 20 07:34:45 PST 2005

Anthony Atkielski wrote:

> Assuming one doesn't have the resources to do this, what might one do to
> secure disk drives before disposal.  I've thought of opening them up and
> scratching the platters or chopping them into pieces (not sure how hard
> this might be to do), or something.  Home incineration isn't very
> practical, nor are machines that can chop metallic platters into
> confetti.

Open up take out the plates. The rest can be disposed normally. Either 
melt the plates or expose to strong fluctuating magnetic field for a 
long time.

The simple/cheap way of doing this is to send the metal for recycling, 
it will be melted and all data is lost. Be sure to separate different 
types of metal.

Ofcourse you always need to trust that noone picks out the plates.

Before you get paranoid, be sure to consider the risks against the costs 
and make a sane decision :-)


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