Open Sound System

Karol Kwiatkowski freebsd at
Thu Jan 20 02:48:16 PST 2005

Gerard Seibert wrote:
> I have seen OSS from mentioned here a few times. I have
> not been able to locate it in the 'ports tree'. Would I be correct in
> assuming that it is not available there, but rather only by downloading
> it directly from directly?

Yes, that's correct.

AFAIK, the reason is this:

"Open Sound System is not freeware but commercial product. The
software itself is freely downloadable from our web site. However it
needs a run time license to work. The software package itself contains
a time limited evaluation license which installs automatically. To
remove the time limit you will need to purchase a permanent license
from our web site or any of our official distributors."[1]


"Open Sound System is now free for personal and non-commercial use and
comes with a license key that will allow you to run OSS. The license
key is valid for 3 months at a time after which you will need to
download and install OSS again. There are no time limitations or
restricted functionality during the licensing period. A permanant
license key that will entitle you to free support and upgrades can be
ordered here"[2]




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