Mouse in X w/ 5.3

Thanos Tsouanas thanos at
Wed Jan 19 23:52:38 PST 2005

On Thu, Jan 20, 2005 at 07:15:27AM +0000, scottclansman at wrote:
> On Thursday 20 January 2005 06:58, scottclansman at wrote:
> > Anyway, to buisness.  It seems that I'm using an invalid mouse driver or
> > something with X, because when I move the mouse it keeps jumping to the
> > left side of the screen.  Very annoying.

Maybe tweaking the configuration of mouse in X would solve the
problem.  Does this problem appear if no X is running as well?

> > While I'm at it... would there be a package management tool similar to
> > ipkg/rpmi/apt-get/yum or whatever? I assume so.. but what is it called?

is there? Ha!  take a look at ports:
/ust/ports/  if you installed them..
You can use either ports (source-code based, you compile them
locally) or packages (binary based, faster bethod but not that
much configurable)

If you have experience with Gentoo, ports is what they copied when
they implemented emerge.


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