Are you also tired of the AOL guy?

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Wed Jan 19 16:40:56 PST 2005

Hi,  I haven't posted anything up until this point.  I think we all need to
group hug!  =D  Someone sounds a little ticked off!

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Dear Freebsd0101 at,

I'm tired of your bullshit. Not only you have no friggin' idea of what
you talk about 90% of the time, but you never provide a solution for 
those 'problems' you claim to have with FreeBSD 5.3.

That tedm at guy may be a moron, but at least he doesn't
claim to be a kernel guru like you've done. Of course, you haven't 
submitted any patch to fix those deficiencies present in FreeBSD but 
expect, in a classic Brett Glass style, that someone will step in and 
do the job for you. Sorry, it doesn't work that way. Put up or shut up.

To the people who have suggested that he takes a look at DragonFlyBSD. 
Please, DON'T. The last thing DFly needs is someone like this guy. There 
was some ocasional trolling on the lists in the past (mainly performed by 
Bosko) but it's been a very nice place so far.

Instead, my suggestion is that you team up with Dag-Erling Smorgrav. Both 
of you love to make condescending remarks and both of you suffer from 
chronic asshole-ism. You're going to be very good friends.


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