Re[4]: Can´t access a box remotely

Hexren me at
Wed Jan 19 14:02:29 PST 2005

MB> Hexren:

MB> The pocess of PID 212 is ppp:

MB> server:~ $ ps auxw|grep 212                                           
MB>       root    212  0.0  0.8  3240 2112  ??  Ss    5:53PM   0:00.43 ppp
MB> -ddial default
MB> mauro   687  0.0  0.4  1472  892  p0  S+    6:48PM   0:00.00 grep 212
MB> server:~ $

>> ---------------------------------------------
>> Wild guessing here:
>> Maybe the interface tun0 gets created when it is first called by
>> something refering to rc.conf. (It is in there isn't it ?). When ppp
>> the fires up it creates its own tun device, taking the next "free"
>> name which is tun1 as tun0 already exists and ppp can't know if it is
>> used by something else.
>> Try removing all references to tun0 from /etc/rc.conf
>> Keep in mind that this is only a guess.
>> Also look at what hides behind PID 212. You can see in th output you
>> provided that tun0 was created by that PID.
>> Hexren


It is not the reference.
When ppp is started it first tries to dial in using the profile named
>"root    212 <sniped> ppp -ddial <look here>default<look here>"

As a quick workaround: In your ppp.conf delete the default profile and
rename your profile default. The remove the 'ppp_profile="my_isp"'
line from your rc.conf.

I am pretty shure there is a cleaner way to do this. But unfortunatly
I am unaware of it.


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