Jason Henson jason at
Wed Jan 19 13:15:48 PST 2005

On 01/19/05 03:17:22, faisal gillani wrote:
> Well it has been almost a year now since I first tried
> FreeBSD 5.2.1 on my production server :-) " I like
> playing with danger" & since then it has been just
> giving me 110% always forever ... my FreeBSD server is
> responsible for transferring large media files on my
> network with Samba2 & Apache2
> . Since I installed it I have had loads of problems
> with my other Linux & windows servers but never with
> FreeBSD its just always there for me .. just
> DELIVERING all the time I must say I have been more
> then impress with it , I have never seen a better &
> faster performing server operating system EVER !!
> also recently I discovered that the version I have
> been using 5.2.1 was a Beta :-O ... Amazing if this
> performance you get with a beta then ......
> "speechless "
> so now I smooth upgraded to 5.3 now ...
>  Although I don't think FreeBSD with desktop OS but
> with server OS I more then recommend .
> & here is my little success story with FreeBSD .I LOVE
> IT !!!
> next stop OpenSolairs .. :-)
> take care
> =====
> *., ,.** Allah-hu-Akber*., ,.**

I was having problems using mount_smbfs to transfer files.  It would  
throttle itself up and down because of some weird windowing thing  
windows does.  That is what I found on the web anyway.

On a what type of network(some config info please, like any switchs?)  
do you share files and what is the throughput?  I would get between  
1-12mbits(it was a while so these numbers might not be right, but it  
was slow like 10mbit or less).  I was transferring tv episodes between  
2 pcs on a 100mbit switched network.  FreeBSD to windows.

Finnally I would like to ask all those servers/pcs that are mostly idle  
to run folding at home if you can.  Email me if you have any questions on  
it.  It runs itself at nice 20.


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